Zoning Changes

The Town of Dracut is updating the zoning bylaws to improve and clarify land use rules. The updated bylaw will preserve Dracut's character and guide future development. The last overall review and update of the Dracut Zoning Bylaw was completed in 1986.

What is a Zoning Bylaw?

A Zoning Bylaw is the set of regulations governing such things as the size and shape of buildings, additions and renovations, and what types of activities can take place in which locations.

What is the overall process?

In Massachusetts Towns, Zoning Bylaws must be approved by Town Meeting voters and then reviewed and accepted by the State. Before amendments come forward at Town Meeting the  Planning Board will hold a public hearing to share the work and gather input. Here in Dracut the  Zoning Bylaw Review Committee meets monthly to discuss alternatives and approaches to amendments.

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