How Do I Get Someone to Spray for Mosquitoes?

Complaints about mosquitoes may be registered by calling the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project office at 508-393-3055 between 7 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

The results of an investigation may warrant the use of a mosquito insecticide to defined, site-specific areas of the town.  Such an application may be accomplished by using hand or truck mounted equipment, depending on the extent of the application.

Per 333CMR13.04:  “No intentional application of pesticides shall be made to private property which has been designed for the exclusion from such application by a person living on or legally in control of said property.  CMMCP will continue to accept spray exemptions during the spray season.

For more information on the exclusion process, or may contact the CMMCP office during business hours or apply for an exclusion through our website.

Find additional information on CMMC.

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