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1. What is a wetland?
2. What is a wetland buffer zone?
3. What is the difference between an intermittent stream and perennial stream?
4. What is a vernal pool?
5. Why are wetlands protected?
6. What activities in a wetland or buffer zone require a permit?
7. What are the different types of wetlands permitting forms and when are they used?
8. I live near a mushy area where there are some ferns growing, is this a wetland?
9. I live lakeside and I’m planning a retaining wall; do I need to file with the Conservation Commission?
10. I live on a lake and I would like to put up a dock; do I need a permit?
11. I live near a stream and I’d like to put a new deck on the back of my house. Do I need to file for a permit?
12. I live near a wetland and I’d like to cut down some trees near my house; do I need to file?
13. I see a depression filled with water on my property every spring; if I wanted to complete a project in or near this location, do I need to notify the Conservation Commission?
14. I’ve hired a contractor to do some excavation on my property and it’s near a marshy area; should I contact the Conservation Commission?
15. I suspect work is being done in a wetland or buffer zone without a permit, what should I do?
16. How do I contact the Conservation Commission?