Permanent Building Committee

The Permanent Building Committee (PBC) shall be assigned the responsibility for overseeing the construction or reconstruction of all Town buildings, approval of plans thereof, and expending such funds as appropriated for such project by the Town Meeting.  

This Committee shall consist of five members especially trained or experienced in construction management. They shall be appointed by the Moderator for three year terms intially so arranged that not more than two terms shall expire each year.

Meeting Schedule

This Board meets regularly if there is a Town project in progress. The Committee will meet at the call of the Chairman if/when necessary. 

Meetings are listed in the calendar on the website's home page and on the right-hand side of this page. You can get notified of upcoming Permanent Building Committee Meetings.

Agendas and Minutes:

The Permanent Building Committee's Agendas and Minutes can be viewed in the Agenda Center.

Board Members

  • Ellis Neofotistos
  • Phil Thibault
    Vice - Chairman
  • Doug Dooley
  • Paul Jussaume
  • Dennis Piendak