Girls SoftballGirls hudled at pitching mound

The girls' softball program is designed to provide girls with opportunities to develop their skills and improve their overall performance. It is a highly competitive sport that requires strength, agility, and teamwork to succeed. The program typically involves regular practices and games. Players learn essential skills such as batting, pitching, catching, fielding, and base running. They also learn strategies for working together as a team and communicating effectively on the field.

Girls of all ages and skill levels can participate in the softball program, with teams ranging from beginners to advanced players. 

  • Ages 5 to 17
  • Spring Season is early April through mid-June
    • Registration begins late April/early May
  • Fall Season is early April through mid-June
    • Registration begins in July

Softball Clinics

During a softball clinic, participants receive personalized instruction on different aspects of the game, such as pitching, batting, fielding, base running, and team strategies. The clinic may involve lectures, drills, demonstrations, and practice games. Participants are also given feedback on their performance and tips on how to improve their technique, agility, and communication skills.

Softball clinics offer a valuable opportunity for athletes of all ages and skill levels to refine their abilities, gain confidence, and interact with other players. They are also a great way to prepare for competitions, tryouts, or upcoming seasons. Overall, softball clinics provide a fun and challenging learning environment that fosters growth and camaraderie among players.

  • During Winter

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