Plumbing & Gas Inspector

Plumbing and Gas

All plumbing and gas work performed in the Commonwealth requires a plumbing and/or gas permit.  The Plumbing and Gas Inspector is responsible for enforcement of the Massachusetts  Plumbing and Gas Code (248 CMR), National Fuel and Gas Code 54 2012 Edition, and 521 Rules and Regulations of the Architectural Access Board pertaining to handicapped toilet facilities.   This includes the issuance of permits for and inspection of all non-public utility plumbing and gas installations within the Town of Dracut. 

Other responsibilities:  

  • Enforce all codes.
  • Review and approve plans for new and renovated buildings
  • Enforce proper and adequate toilet facilities for all buildings
  • Assist plumbers, gas fitters, contractors, architects, and homeowners pertaining to plumbing and gas regulations
  • Issue permits and perform inspections for plumbing and gas fitting