Help for Drug Abuse

We understand the importance of providing resources and support for individuals who may be struggling with drug abuse. To assist in this effort, we have compiled a list of links to various organizations and resources that can provide assistance and information related to drug abuse. We hope that these resources will help those in need get the help they deserve.


  • Drug Free Greater Lowell
    Provides information and resources for individuals seeking help with substance use disorder. The site offers a directory of local treatment providers and support groups, as well as educational resources and guides for loved ones of those struggling with addiction. aims to connect individuals with the support they need to overcome substance use disorder and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

  • Massachusetts Drug Rehabs
    Provides information about addiction treatment facilities in Massachusetts, including detailed information about each facility, their programs, and their specialties. The site offers resources and guidance for individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders, including a hotline for confidential help and support. aims to help individuals and families find the right treatment options to overcome addiction and lead a healthy, fulfilling life.