Dracut Alert Program

A loved one goes missing, necessitating the 911 call no one ever wants to make.

"911 this line is recorded, where is your emergency?"

Unfortunately, during this stressful time, you cannot think straight, personal data and descriptive information is difficult to recall given the emotion of the moment.  In your time of need 911 is the number you call.  Dracut’s 911 Emergency Center would like to alleviate the stress of this situation by preplanning for this emergency through the Dracut Alert Program. A loved one’s personal identifying information is on-file with the 911 emergency center including pictures, known locations favored by the person, medical history and medications, all critical information necessary for public safety to initiate an appropriate response.

The Dracut Alert Program offers residents with a loved one known to wonder or exhibiting signs of dementia to make the 911 emergency center aware of their presence within the community, prior to an emergent event. These can include health problems, cognitive delays, vision or hearing impairments, and any other concerns of the participants. By preplanning with family members, immediate appropriate action is initiated saving valuable time.

The Dracut Alert Program makes 911/Police/Fire/EMS aware of your physical, cognitive, and medical conditions in the event the person is unable to communicate these concerns at the time of the emergency. The Dracut Alert Program is private, confidential, and will only be used in an emergency.

To register a loved one in the Dracut Alert Program please visit the Dracut Police Department’s 911 Center. Although it is not mandatory, it would be helpful to have a current photo of the person being enrolled in the program. For more information, please contact Kate Charron at the Dracut Police Department at  978-957-2123 Ext. 2033 or The Dracut Council on Aging at  978-957-2611.