Street Opening Permits

Permit FeeFlat Rate$50 Per Excavation
Trench Permit FeeFlat Rate$50 Per Excavation
Permit DepositMinimum Deposit < 40’$500 Per Excavation

Additional Details

  • All pavement cuts in the existing roadway surface, both parallel cuts and crossings inclusive > 40’ will be charged at $8 P.L.F. All cuts, openings, or excavation in the shoulder or unpaved area of a public way > 40’ will be charged at $5 P.L.F. and may require survey verification of right of way minimum infrared deposit - $500 for utilities a bond may be used in lieu of a deposit.
  • Major projects are to consist of those over 1,000’ in length, or a smaller project where more than three crossings are involved. Requires filing of plans.
  • Minor projects - All other projects.
  • Insurance - The contractor shall carry insurance satisfactory to the town.
  • Checks - Payable to: Town of Dracut
  • Permit fee and trench permit fee (kept by treasurer) personal check is O.K. $50. Deposit fee of $8 P.L.F. or $500 minimum must be certified only. Infrared deposit certified only.
  • Permit Copy - Applicant takes last 2 copies - yellow and pink.

Applying for Street Opening Permit

You can apply for a Permit to Excavate a Public Way online.