Town Meeting

Town Meeting November 13, 2023 Vote (PDF)

At least two Town Meeting meetings must take place each year.

The first such meeting shall be conducted on the first Monday in June and the following evenings afterwards, unless otherwise provided by future bylaw, and shall be principally concerned with the consideration of topics that have a budgetary effect on the Town, including but not limited to the formulation of all yearly operating budgets for all Town agencies.

The second such meeting, referred to as the "Autumn Town Meeting," shall be conducted during the last four months of the calendar year on a day established by Bylaw, and shall be deemed to be an Annual Town Meeting for the purposes of the General Laws; provided, however, that the Fall Town Meeting shall not include the elections officers.

In addition to the town meetings required, the Board of Selectmen may, in any manner provided under the General Laws of the Commonwealth or the Charter, for the purpose of acting upon the legislative business of the Town in an orderly and expeditions manner, call the Special Town Meeting into session at other times by the issuance of warrants therefor.

  •  Any article defeated at a Town Meeting shall not again be considered on its merits by a subsequent Town Meeting held within one year without a two-thirds vote.
  •  A quorum of 250 shall be required for the Spring, or any Special Town Meeting, and 200 for the Fall meeting.
  •   A Moderator, chosen in accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 8, shall preside at all sessions of the Town Meeting.
  •  The Moderator is required to finish all articles on the warrant of the Town Meeting first called to order prior to the consideration of any warrant article in an intervening Special Town Meeting.

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